Free Pattern Review: Augustina Top from The Fabrics Store

TL; DR – Sometimes you have to sew something super-simple in a lovely fabric to get your sewing mojo back in order, know the difference between 60″ and 45″ wide fabric, and why am I still doing facings for my collars when I can be doing a bias tape finish instead.

When I got my Mood Fabrics Mystery Box, there were a number of shorter yardage woven fabrics, perfect for simple tops. I began hoarding free top patterns, including the Augustine Top from The Fabrics Store. While the fabric I used for this top (a lovely Japanese print on 100%) cotton that I got from a fabric destash group (which I had to leave because I was spending WAY too much money on good “deals”), I have a collection of simple, free top patterns now.

A note about fabric: fabric comes in difference widths, the most common being around 60″ and 45″. While I haven’t received any knit fabrics that were only 45″ wide, most of my woven fabrics are only 45″ wide, which caused me to have to toss 2/3 of my planned sewing projects because I wouldn’t have enough fabric. I added a new line to my sewing Airtable – how much fabric a pattern requires for 60″ fabric and how much for 45″ fabric. Sometimes the patterns say, sometimes they don’t. But at least now, I won’t plan a garment that I won’t be able to actually complete.

Tops like this one, however, don’t really care about how wide the fabric is, so I was safe. The sew itself was super-simple; it’s the first project that said, it’ll only take about two hours, and it only took me two hours total, completed between meetings for work. I actually kinda like ending a meeting, having 30min, and being able to complete a couple of seams. The instructions provided on their blog were clear and easy to follow, including how to do a bind neckline using bias tape.

Every time I do one of these and they turn out so nicely, I wonder why I keep doing facings at the collar. It’s so simple and turns out beautifully! WHY WHY WHY?????

Because I’m still not confident enough to stray that far from the directions stated in the pattern. I’ll get there. I think.

I’m really happy with this top. I like the fit, the finished garment measurements are accurate, and it was super-simple and a real confidence-builder. If you have a yard and a half of woven fabric, this is a great option! You could also do the sleeve cuffs and collar bias in a different fabric if you didn’t quite have enough, which would be cute to try as well (notes to self: try this).

But mostly, I’m happy because I am about to embark on the most complicated sew I have done so far, and I have been feeling intimidated. This top helped me feel better about my sewing, so confident enough to tackle this next project! Winning!

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