Free Pattern Review: Carya Shirt Pattern from Mood Fabrics

TL; DR – [Insert swear words here]

After I made my daughter the mushroom skirt, she insisted we go back, get more of the same fabric, and make her and her BFF matching button-up shirts. She chose the unisex Carya shirt pattern from Mood Fabrics for their shirts.

OK, so there are a confluence of issues: vague directions (like, if I had never made a shirt before, I would not recommend starting with this one), slippy fabric, dark fabric, and fabric that runs every other time the needle hits it, even if I am using the smallest and sharpest needle I can buy.

Even though the first are far from perfect, they both loved theirs and wore them proudly, accepting multiple compliments (THANKS MY BEST FRIEND’S MOM MADE IT FOR ME!).

I’m glad that Joanne’s has run out of the fabric, because I never want to sew with it again. Or, I’ll just tell my daughter it’s sold out. I probably won’t ever make this shirt for me (Kalle until I die) but as long as it isn’t f’ing silky polyester, I’d make it again for my daughter if she asked.

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