Free Pattern Review: Emma by Tiana’s Closet

TL; DR – Hey, pay attention to your measurements, wearable toiles are fantastic, and maybe I’m finally figuring out how to do a V detail.

This isn’t my first make from Tiana’s Closet; I point you to A Giant Comedy of Errors. It wasn’t a fair review, because I didn’t take accurate measurements. Or rather, my measurements had changed and I was in denial. I absolutely fell in love with the Emma pattern, but was leery of a repeat of the last make.

While I’ve made partial muslins before, this was the first time I made a full wearable toile. I had these lovely (to me, at least) sheets that I got from my local buy-nothing group with the express purpose of eventually using them for exactly this purpose. And while I did a better job capturing the print on the back than on the front, I even took the time to make bias tape for the arm holes.

Oh, and about those sleeves (or lack thereof). The pattern comes with sleeve that…I didn’t understand, and while Tiana’s Closet often has directions for making the garment, this one strangely didn’t. Besides, as my husband enjoys reminding me, I don’t actually like sleeves. So, NO SLEEVES FOR ME!

Anyway, I had this lovely floral fabric from mood, and it worked perfectly for this dress. I was happy I made the toile as well because I got to practice making that V shape connecting the top to the ruffle. You can’t tell on the toile that I f’ed it up a little, but it was perfect practice for when I was going to be using the “real” fabric.

Anyway, this is a fun and simple pattern that doesn’t take too long, except for the hem at the bottom which I have never loved doing. Now, if it would only get WARMER so I can wear my spring/summer dresses again…

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