Free Patterns

I did a Twitter thread on all the places I got free patterns, but I thought I’d do a little rundown page here, too.

Mood Fabrics: Cool patterns of all different difficulty levels, most go up to a size 30, and have a lot of ease, but don’t come with finished garment measurements. They will end up being too big most of the time if you go by the size chart. Here’s the video I used to figure out how to measure-check a pattern. Their tutorials aren’t always as helpful as you might like, but they do have a whole series of “beginner patterns” and tutorials to get you started.

The FoldLine: This pattern shop/blog based in the UK has basically aggregated just about every indie pattern designer’s free patterns into their pattern shop database. Some of them you can’t purchase directly from them, but will explain how to get access to the pattern, usually by signing up for the pattern company’s newsletter or joining their FB group, etc. I love their blog because they are always highlighting new indie designers and patterns.

Broad in the Seams: Blogger Jess collects over 100 plus-sized patterns, some already listed and linked here, some stuff that was new to me. There are a handful that are no longer available, which is normal. Looking for free size-inclusive patterns? No better place.

Sew So Easy: A whole lot of free patterns for clothes, crafts, accessories. Each one has a tutorial, some even with a video. I haven’t made any of these, but they look accessible and relatively size-inclusive.

Tiana’s Closet: All free patterns, mostly women’s patterns, and most go up to 5XL.

Love Sewing Magazine: More UK sewing goodness. Not at all size-inclusive, and not all patterns come with directions (they want you to buy the magazine), but still a fun bunch of basic patterns. Learn to convert inches to centimeters! Note: Love Sewing Magazine was apparently bought by CraftWorld, and now you need to create a free account with them to access the patterns.

Sew Magazine: Another one from the UK (they sure love to sew there, apparently). The patterns vary on size-inclusion, and while each pattern has directions, there are no visuals. I do enjoy their series of Great British Sewing Bee patterns.

Peppermint Magazine: This one is from Australia. Lovely patterns that have expanded their size offerings as they’ve grown and evolved. Good instructions, although they don’t always have visuals.

Fabrics Store: Online fabric shop specializing in linen, with a great, size-inclusive selection of patterns. They recently updated their interface to make them easier to sort through and find by size, skill-level, and type. Good tutorials on the blog, as well as included with the pattern. Doesn’t have to be used with just linen, great for all woven.

Do It Yourself For Free: Do you like shady Russian download sites? Here you go. Languages vary, sizes vary, level of instructions vary. Legality probably varies, too.

SHOWStudio: High-end fashion designer patterns. Very advanced, but cool nonetheless.

If you want a list of free patterns broken down by pattern-type, Sewstainability maintains an annual list of free patterns.

But honestly? Google is your friend here. The number of “best free X patterns” lists are numerous. But these are the places that I now always go to get started.