Aida Dress, Take 3

TL; DR – Interfacing is still hard.

I got this floral knit on sale from Girl Charlee (an amazing place for knit fabric) mid-summer, but when it showed up it was a little heavy for summer weight. So, I made a transitional Aida dress out of it.

The one complaint about the first Aida knit dress that I made was that the neckline wasn’t very stable (which isn’t surprising since the pattern is made for woven). So I tried to figure out where I could/should put some interfacing. Which, I got wrong, due to the clever construction of the front. But that’s fine, it still works!

The shirring at the waist is also a little looser, but that’s because I had to fight with (read STRETCH) the skirt piece after sheering when I was trying to attach it to the bodice piece. But I also didn’t steam it, so when it’s washed and stuck in the dryer, it should be fine.

Anyway, another garment I can cut and sew in an afternoon! And that’s even with the battle to attach bottom to top!

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