Atlas Wrap Dress, Take 2

TL; DR – That went better the second time but still managed to be weird?

Have you seen some of the dresses on H&M lately? Don’t you find they look a little (A LOT) like an Atlas Wrap Dress? For example:

Screenshot from H&M

I was like, I finally don’t have to HUNT for a pattern to match a dress I love as I ALREADY HAVE IT. And I had this marvelous fabric from Katie Kortman. I decided to make it short sleeved in part because I didn’t have a full 3.5 yards, and because, look, that fabric pattern just SCREAMS summer.

After my first Atlas dress came up literally a little short, I added a couple of inches to the skirt, and I like how that ended up. I again used a bias finish on the (very curved) hem because who has time to try and fight with a rolled hem foot? And for some reasons the tie doesn’t perfectly align with the bodice? But it completely covers my cleavage so *shrug emoji*.

Thanks H&M for inspiring my entire summer work wardrobe/sewing projects!

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