Garment 100-ish: Aida Dress, Take 2

TL; DR – This pattern works well with stable knits, I’ve lost count of how many garments I’ve made, Mood Fabrics in NYC is EVERYTHING.

A few weeks ago, I got to go to New York City for work. And I was within reasonable walking distance to Mood Fabrics. So of COURSE I had to go.

Readers, it was magical.

The store is wonderful and overwhelming in the best way possible. Three floors of fabric and trims and and and and. Just to be able to feel the fabrics was special. I gave myself some pretty strict parameters: no florals (I have more than enough) and nothing that I could just get anywhere. If I was going to buy fabric, it had to be special (but also affordable).

The first one I picked out was this one, a knit painterly print from Italy. It might not come through in the picture, but it looks like the paint actually has texture. The knit itself is really soft and flowy without a lot of stretch. I (again) wanted a pattern that would let the pattern sing, and I decided on trying the Aida pattern, this time with the knit. I figured it would work, since the sample dresses were made from a much softer, drapey cotton than what I made my original Aria with.

I was right! It worked! I decided to get rid of the “cuffs” on the sleeves and put in in-seam pockets (which are a little low, but not terrible), but other than that, I followed it exactly. I like how it blouses at waist, and how it flows (vs the cotton version, which I love, too!). I am going to wear this dress all the time.


What a perfect dress for my 100th (ish) garment. Between tester patterns, sewing very occasionally for my kids, and stuff I trashed, I have lost track of how many garments I’ve actually made over the past three years. According to my Airtable, I’m right around 100. So, I’ve decided that this is my 100th garment. Yay for me.

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