Helena Wrap Dress, Take 3

TL; DR – [Insert swear words here]

It’s #memademay! My goal this year was to reach for garments I’ve made that I don’t typically reach for, or haven’t reached for in a while (aka all my summer garments). I decided to reach for my green Helena wrap dress, and I was reminded how much I like the pattern! I had this lovely purple plaid summer fabric I was gifted from someone in our buy-nothing group, and thought it would be a marriage made in heaven.

It was going so well – the collar wasn’t nearly as complicated as I remembered, and the bodice and ties game together beautifully. I was enclosing seams! Pressing everything! I did French seams on both the in-seam pockets and the skirt itself! It was joyous!

And then it came time to attach the skirt to the bodice. I don’t know how I managed to get it so wrong.

Well, ok, I do. It was the fact that the front and back of the fabric look EXACTLY THE SAME. I paid close attention (or so I thought) to what side was right side/wrong side. Alas, I still managed to fuck it up. I put the center belt pieces on backwards, so the notches were in the wrong spot, and attached the front skirt pieces to the wrong side of the back skirt piece, so the curve and pockets were in the wrong places. I had to cut out the pockets and close the seam, flip the skirt, as well as re-notch the belt pieces to be able to actually have the skirt fit the way it’s supposed to.

Make sense?

I’m sad about sacrificing the pockets, but I didn’t have any fabric left and I really wanted this to work. And, ultimately, it did! I look adorable! And I will make this pattern again soon, while I remember how to do it properly.

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