Kalle Shirt, Take 2

TL; DR – I finally figured this pattern out.

I got this table cloth from the local buy-nothing group. I had been seeing algorithmically served-up ads on my FB of a clothing line that entirely looks like this table cloth, and when it popped up, I was so happy that it was gifted to me.

Except it wasn’t a particularly large table cloth.

BUT! I could creatively get a Kalle shirt out of it. And I didn’t need to hack any other fabrics into it to make it work (although the inside yoke is two pieces sewn together). I had these black buttons and even though my automatic button hole setting wasn’t playing nice, it came together really, really well. I never wear my shirt buttoned up all the way like this, but it turned out so well, I couldn’t help but take the picture this way.

Anyway, Kalle is amazing, still, yay.

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