Kielo Wrap Dress, Take 3

TL; DR – Hey, following directions works. Sometimes you just want to make a simple dress that feels like a warm hug.

I’m still struggling with buying fabric online. I thought I was getting a nice stretch corduroy to make myself a pair of pants. Instead I got a SUPER STRETCHY “corduroy” that was more like a cross between a jersey and a sweatshirt fabric. So…not for pants, but something cozy.

There is a but of shine to the fabric, which makes it look a little more lux. But, OMG, this is so comfortable and warm and…

Even though I’ve made this dress two other times, I slowed down and carefully read the directions, which, wow, that helps. Even though I slowed down, I still managed to complete the project in a couple of hours. I DID NOT EVEN HAVE TO UNPICK ANYTHING. I even won the bobbin race, running out JUST as I was finishing the hem.

Things have been…things have been things lately, and I just needed a win. This dress was a win. With a set of heels and some jewelry, this is a definite winner for holiday parties.

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