Kielo Wrap Dress, Take 6


Look, this is my 6th (!!!!) Kielo wrap dress. I don’t even remember all of the Kielo’s I’ve made at this point. I’ve made winter ones, and summer ones, and transition ones, but I haven’t made a sweater one.

And now I have.

I got this knit on sale at Girl Charlee Fabrics (seriously, a great place to get awesome knits of all kinds) and just followed the pattern the way I have always followed the pattern. The only hack I did was to try to make a mock-turtleneck which kinda turned out? I just doubled the width of the collar piece. I like it because I don’t particularly like high necks.

I made this dress for cold days where I need a warm hub but also to be wearing my favorite color and also so I don’t have to wear tights. Welcome to my Kielo family!

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