Ludlow Jumpsuit, Take 2

TL; DR – OMG THIS JUMPSUIT IS STRAIGHT FIRE, do not get cocky, check that you sewed it correctly before “serging”.

I bought two fabrics when I went to Mood Fabrics in NYC, and this one is the second. Pink is ALL the rage right now (BARBIECORE, BABY!), but plain pink fabric did not fit the parameters I had set out for myself while at Mood. Plus, I am in my mid-40s, and so a straight-up pink jumpsuit might have been a little much.

Or, not nearly enough.

Instead, I chose this pink, orange(!), and black graffiti print in a mid-weight cotton. I was debating between the eleven-billionty jumpsuit patterns I have, but I settled on making another Ludlow because a) I knew it fit and looked good on me, b) it was already assembled and ready to go, and c) would fit well with the fabric.

I wasn’t wrong on the last one.

But I got cocky. Look, I have made this before and it’s really easy! And then I fucked up the sleeve cuff and only realized it after I had zig-zagged the shit out of the seam (but at least I had only done one). And then I fucked up the legs, only realizing it after I had zig-zagged the shit out of the seams (but only two seams and not four).

So this ended up taking at least twice as long as it should have because I had to sit an unpick not just the seams but also all of the zig-zag finishes. But it was SOOOOOO worth it. I even finished it off with orange contrasting thread for the stitches in the ditch and the pant hem, because WHY NOT?

Go big or go home, baby!

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