Mary Quant Mini-Dress, Take 4 for #sewfrugal22

TL; DR – MOAR MARIMEKKO SHOWER CURTAIN. I figured out sleeves.

I bought a Marimekko shower curtain on super-sale from Belk (which will only resonate with people living in the South). OK, I bought multiple Marimekko shower curtains and bedding on super-sale from Belk, but for this post, it’s the black circle pattern one I used. The shower curtain is the perfect amount for the Mary Quant Mini-Dress pattern, so I did it again.

For this version, I decided to make black pockets and use the pattern as the accent, as well as white trim (again). The black trim was just too much black. And, since there wasn’t the issue with facing anymore, I added sleeves for the first time. After I tried it on, I decided it didn’t need cinching in the back, so I just left it as-is. I can also cinch later if I change my mind.

I really hope the weather warms up soon so I can start wearing these dresses!

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