Mary Quant Mini-Dress, Take 7

TL; DR – Is there anything this dress can’t do?

I am still desperately trying to use a bunch of my knit prints, and really, there’s no reason why some of my favorite woven patterns couldn’t be used for these relatively not-stretchy knit prints I have been collecting. So, this groovy print just screamed Mary Quant Mini-Dress.

I decided to make, for the first time, the keyhole neckline. I’m not sure why I avoided it (no, I do know why, the freaking facing), but it turned out really well! I wish I had a contrasting color for the collar, but I think it still looks pretty amazing!

You can’t see the back, but I did the back piece with GIANT brown buttons that just work really well.

Anyway, the 60s called and they want this dress back but they can’t have it because I love it!

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