Mercer Top, Take 2


I got a Mood Fabric Mystery Box for Christmas from my Dad, which is perfect, because it’s a surprise and also exactly what I wanted – MOAR FABRIC!

You can check out my Instagram Story about the whole haul (and seeing how much GREAT stuff I got and that as of right this second, the Mystery Box is on sale, I am fighting every instinct not to buy another box…). This lovely orange floral print was only a little over a yard spread out over two pieces. It wasn’t going to be anything but a top, and I decided to jigsaw my way through another Mercer top. I wasn’t too worried about the direction of the print, so it made it easier to fit all the pieces into the amount of fabric I had.

Everything was going great, until I realized that I sewed the shoulder/sleeve piece on the wrong way.

Now, I could have unpicked it, but I decided, nah, it’ll be easier if I just add bias tape as a trim to REALLY accentuate the shoulders. And that was great until I realized I couldn’t figure out how to finish the underarm. Unpicking it would have been easier.

I did eventually figure it out and finished the neck with the bias tape as well, instead of the facing, and I didn’t put in the back closure because the head hole is wide enough without it.

ANYWAY, I made 52 garments in 2023, and I still manage to make basic errors. Here’s to this blog staying on brand!

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