Peacock Wrap Dress, Take 4

TL; DR – It’s after Memorial Day, let’s wear white.

Uniqlo had their cooling sheets on super-sale a while back, and so I bought a white one, intending to make a dress out of it for summer. So I did. It’s white. It’s slippery.

Also, holy crap my hair has gotten long.

And, hey, look at this: Threads Magazine featured yours truly as a Sewing Influencer!

I guess that means I’m for real now? And, if you’ve just found this blog because of this, welcome! I swear a lot. I apparently make a lot of Peacock dresses. But don’t worry, I’m moving on to new patterns.

I’m glad I sewed so many summer dresses before the summer actually started, because while you would think that I would have more time to sew over the summer, I actually don’t because my eldest child is old enough to have a job but not old enough to drive herself to said job. And so, I will be at the pool a whole lot over the next six weeks. Like I am right now.

OK, that’s enough. White wrap dress. Simple perfection.

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  1. ChickadeesandHummies says:

    Just found you via a search where I was looking up ADHD and buying lots of fabric and not actually starting the sewing, ha. Figured you might appreciate that 😉 Glad to have found your blog & what a great sewing story!! As someone who thinks about sewing a lot, but doesn’t always actually get started, I find you super inspiring!

    1. readywriting says:

      Aw, thanks so much!!!

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