Peacock Wrap Dress, Take 5 and 6

TL; DR – Works with knits, too!

In my seemingly never-ending quest to work through my knit fabric stash (that I keep adding to because ADHD so that’s why it’s never-ending lol*sob), I decided that I wanted to try out using the Peacock wrap dress pattern with knits.

The only issue was securing the facing, but I just used a long, looser straight stitch, and that worked well! The ties may eventually get stretched too much, but the pattern in so straightforward that it works with both woven and knits!

(And yes, they wrap in different directions; no one is perfect!)

I can cut and sew this dress is an afternoon (or less, if I really worked non-stop), which is a really nice feeling! If you need a small sewing win, then this is really the perfect pattern.

And don’t I look ADORABLE?!?!?!

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