Pleats and Thank You Jumpsuit, Take 2

TL; DR – How many times do I have to tell myself not to get cocky?

Ok, so you know how I said I was making a wardrobe for our trip to Italy? Yeah, the thing about winter weight jumpsuits is that they are REALLY BULKY to pack. So none of these new jumpsuits make it to Italy. BUT, I still wanted this winter weight Pleats and Thank You Jumpsuit.

I loved this black denim, and I didn’t want to do a tie-waist because it was really bulky, so I decided to do the waist pleat hack of the pattern. It turned out really well, and I like being able to do it myself so it will hit me at my waist and the small of my back.

I did, however, completely mess up the shoulders by forgetting to add the shoulder pads before taking it out of the burrito. Oops. BUT, the fabric is stiff enough that I think it still looks fine.

I also got a burgundy long-sleeved shirt to specifically go under jumpsuits, as well as an orange sweater. So, VERSATILITY! Can’t wait to wear it now that I’m home!

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