Product Review: Mood 10lbs Mystery Box

My dad got me a gift card from Mood Fabrics for Christmas, and then Instagram served me up some choice algorithmic advertisement featuring the 10lbs Mystery Fabric Box from them. I love a good mystery box, and since gift-giving holidays no longer contain any surprises for me, I thought I’d surprise myself a little with this gift (thanks, dad!).

(I accidentally deleted the original images from my phone, so we’re stuck with the ones downloaded from my Instagram story.)

The first fabric was by far the most stunning. I got a little over two yards of this jacquard. Not enough for a wrap dress, but hopefully a wrap top. (UPDATE: This was $50 a yard. WOW.)

Next up, a bit more than a yard black sweater-like fabric. I’ll probably make a cropped shirt for my daughter.

Now a yard and a half of this shirting-type fabric is embroidered circles at the bottom. Probably another shirt.

Next up, THREE yards of this black silky shirting.

And then a little over a yard of this gorgeous print that has a little bit of stretch.

It’s a good thing I don’t mind pink, because now I have three yards of this really pink shirting fabric.

I have no idea why it looks like it’s hovering.

As a palate-cleanser, how about two and half yards beige stretch shirting.

This next one is my second-favorite fabric from the box: three yards of a bright-white super-soft woven. Not sure what it is (cotton? linen? a bit of silk in there?), but it’s going to be a beautiful summer dress.

But wait, there is still MORE! Two yards of light blue shirting or really light suiting fabric. It’ll make a nice skirt or maybe shirt.

This is the only head-scratcher fabric I got, a whole three yards of it.

There is not enough for a sweater dress, as there was only a little over two yards of this, but it’ll still make a nice sweater.

So that’s…24 yards of fabric. Not one was a disappointment, and they are all high-quality, as I would expect from Mood. The downside is that I literally have no idea what any of these fabrics are made from, fiber-wise, and I am guessing which side is the right and wrong side (although some are more obvious than others). I had to also measure each piece of fabric myself, which, really, isn’t that taxing.

I loved unboxing them and discovering each fabric as I went. I know I’ll be able to use all of them for something. I’m going to gift a box to myself again next Christmas, and maybe also my birthday…If you’re looking for build your stash and love surprises, I highly recommend getting the Mood Mystery Box when it’s in stock!

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