Rosalie Shirt Dress, Take 3

TL; DR – OMG designer fabric really IS different, in the best ways possible.

I’m trying REALLY hard not to buy more fabric. Like REALLY REALLY hard. But I can’t resist looking at Joann’s when there’s a sale (which is, to be fair, all the damn time). And then I saw this designer fabric by Jason Wu on super-sale clearance. I’ve been dying for a red striped dress forever, and so couldn’t pass up the chance.

Folks, I’ve worked with nice fabric before (shout-out to Mood!), but never a DESIGNER fabric. It is a DREAM. I can’t even explain how soft but also sharp it is? And, even better, the stripes are 3/8″ so the exact seem allowance for this (and, to be fair) many other patterns. Everything just LINES UP.

I was debating between making a Kalle and a Rosalie, and I think I made the right chose with the Rosalie. The wide red stripes needed a more playful dress, and this was perfect. One of these days, I think I will do a sew-a-long video for this dress, because it’s so adorable and should be more accessible.

I even did the collar without looking at a tutorial, so big win for me!

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