V8379 Take 4

There’s a reason why I called this project, “The 70s Called, They Want Their Dress Back” in my sewing Airtable. I fell in love with this fabric as soon as I saw it, and knew it had to be a DVF-style wrap dress.

For the first time ever, I cut and sewed a complete garment in more or less an afternoon. It helps that this is the fourth time I’ve made the dress, and that I bailed on the sleeve cuffs because, ugh, who cares. It makes it look just different enough from the other three, I guess?

I wrote this dress for a symposium I went to in New Orleans, my first time traveling for professional reasons in forever, my first time on the plane in forever, too. Treated myself to an upgrade to comfort+ using points that will now never expire because of COVID, but that I will also probably never use, because of COVID.

It felt good to get my first garment of 2022 done, just before February ended. Not much else to say other than this is probably my favorite knit pattern. OK, so it’s tied with Kielo.

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