Yet ANOTHER Kielo Wrap Dress

TL; DR I don’t really have much left to say about this pattern. Maybe next time I try the jumpsuit version.

It’s almost March, and I’m only just now finally making my first garment of 2023. I had so many plans to try new patterns, use some amazing fabric I’ve accumulated, do more dopamine dressing…

And then I made myself another Kielo wrap dress.

Look, I know it fits me, I know it looks good (because literally whenever I wear one, I get a ton of compliments), and it’s an easy enough make for me that I can do it in an afternoon and feel like I’ve accomplished something. I accidentally ordered 12yds of this blue ponte fabric (and 12yds of burgundy ponte fabric, too), and a Kielo wrap dress in this blue seemed like as good a project as any to try and get back on my sewing horse.

I am seriously considering, now, making a jumpsuit version, maybe out of all of the burgundy ponte. As a challenge for myself.

Also, try not to mind the fingerprints on the mirror. And, I realize I haven’t posted here since I chopped a whole lot of my hair off. So, hey, short hair, who cares!

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