Zadie Jumpsuit, Take 2

TL; DR – Twill is lovely but SUCH A PAIN NEVER AGAIN, for the love of all things holy read the damn directions, buy a huge role of bias tape you will be grateful.

Before I understood the difference between 45″ and 60″ fabric, I bought entirely too much purple twill in order to make my Wildwood Wrap Dress. So I ended up with more than enough to make another Zadie jumpsuit! I really wanted to make sure I used ALL of the fabric, so I made this one with sleeves. I did not, however, have enough to make the bias tape to finish the neckline, but I did invest in yards and yards (and yards) of pre-made solid black bias tape.

No regrets, best purchase ever.

Now, I majorly screwed up making this. I screwed up the edge pockets, once again finishing the seams before realizing, holy shit, I put these on wrong, time to unpick and get covered in black and purple frayed threads. And then I sewed the legs together wrong (I didn’t stop sewing at the right spot), and at least this time didn’t finish the seams before realizing I had made a mistake.

So. Much. Black. And. Purple. Fluff. And. Frayed. Threads.

My fingers were getting black.

While I could have finished the neck the same way the pattern calls for, by folding the black bias tape over the edge, but I decided that the last time that was such a pain, I would do a traditional bias tape finish, sewing it right sides together, and then folding it under. I also figured out that this method would be easier for fold-over method, but I was committed to the hidden bias tape finish. What it meant though is there is a *little* more cleavage showing, but other than that, it’s fine.

I added sleeves not only to get rid of all of the fabric, but also because I wanted a version of this that I could wear in the winter. I’ve already styled it in my head with a black turtleneck underneath worn with chunky-heel black boots.

Anyway, I have now bought two other fabrics with the precise goal of making even more of this jumpsuit. And I will slow down and read the damn instructions. And NOT ONE of the fabric are f-ing twill.

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