Pattern Review: Cameron Wrap Dress from Sycamore Road Patterns

TL; DR – I still needs to figure out interfacing, symbols or letters for pattern sizes rule, and GIANT SLEEVES.

I had the pleasure of being a tester for the Cameron Wrap Dress by Sycamore Road Patterns. I missed the deadline to get feedback in because I got stuck in Atlanta on my way home from a conference and lost the weekend I was supposed to be working on the dress to flight delays. So, to make up for it, I figured I’d do a more in-depth pattern review.

First things, I love patterns companies who are working to be more size inclusive who also eschew numeric sizes, instead opting for letters or even symbols. This isn’t the first pattern company that I’ve used to does this, but since I’ve changed sizes, I appreciate that I just have to worry about what letter to make, not compare a new number to an old number. Does it mean that it makes it a little harder to find the right size? I guess, but you always need to check the size chart anyway, even if you know around what number size to look for. So, to me, it’s a win-win.

Second, I am still struggling with interfacing weight. At one point I had interfacing that did little to nothing (too light!) and now I have shirt collar interfacing which is WAY too stiff for most projects. Back to the drawing board, I guess. I only interfaced on side of the facing because if not I think you’d be able to hear it crunch when I moved.

The pattern itself is very straightforward and the directions are easy to follow. The fit of the dress is nice, but I need to remember to size up the waist on these kinds of dresses. This is an old sheet, but I loved the yellow color so much, I wanted to use it for this wrap dress. Those sleeves, though, are HUGE. There is an option to add a tie to make them billowy instead of just WIDE. I might add elastic instead, but I’m still getting used to them. Maybe when GIANT sleeves go out of style I’ll add them.

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