Patter Review: Hanbok Dress by Sewing Therapy

TL; DR – Finally found a wrap dress that didn’t work for me. Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for you.

I had the pleasure of testing the Hanbok Dress from Sewing Therapy. I used this deep, heavy silk that I got from our local buy-nothing group (I still have like 10yrds of it). I was excited to get to sew another wrap-style dress, and while the pattern was easy to follow, and I love the color of this fabric, this dress pattern just didn’t work for me.

First, I should have lengthened the bodice so that the waist falls at the waist. Also I needed to widen the neck maybe because the thing chokes me from behind which is annoying and uncomfortable. And, I really do think that I chose too heavy a fabric for this particular pattern.

BUT, this dress is a lot of fun, and the designer has a ton of resources to help you through the construction process.

It just isn’t for me.

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