Pattern Review: Akinori Dress from Wardrobe By Me

TL; DR – I might be getting the hang of this sewing thing, and doesn’t this dress look AMAZING?!?!?

I have followed Katie Kortman on Instagram for a while now, and have always loved her colorful patterns and fabrics. As was being subsumed by Amazon (which, UGH, but also I don’t get those FLASH FRIDAY sales emails anymore that drain my bank account), her fabric collaboration suddenly went on a weird sale. Or some of it did. I was browsing, and I could get one yard of this fabric for $17, or three yards of it for $12.


This glitch(?) happened for a couple of other designs, and best believe I scooped them all up. Keep watching this space.

Last March, I went all-in sewing my summer wardrobe for #sewfrugal22, and this March, I seem to be going all-in AGAIN on sewing for summer/warmer weather. I hadn’t made the Akinori dress from Wardrobe By Me and I *just* sneak into their largest size (whew). I have to say that this patterns was a dream to sew, but I’m not sure it would be beginner-friendly.

If you have ever read anything on this blog, you know I struggle with interpreting static, 2D illustrations. For the first time EVER, I figured out how to get that semi-circle in the middle set and what it was asking me to do! I still messed up the finishing on the sleeves (why do I ever try to do anything other than a bias tape finish?), though. The fabric was so light that I made a couple of small runs in it, but I think that’s more because I wasn’t using a fine enough needle on my machine.

I am definitely making another one of these! And I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can wear it!

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