Pattern Review: Atlas Wrap Dress By Masin

TL; DR – Man, it feels good to be sewing again. I like a good, clever pattern.

Jebus, how long as it been? As I said in my previous post, I spent all my time this summer printing and putting patterns together. Between changing sizes, a hectic summer of driving my daughter to work, traveling, and…other stuff, I couldn’t find the time or energy to sew. Plus, I kept assembling summer dress patterns when I knew that summer was coming to an end.

As soon as the Atlas Wrap Dress pattern By Masin (or by By Masin?) was released, I knew it was *exactly* the dress I was looking for. I had long wanted a wrap dress with a shirt collar, for a more professional look. I had this lovely deep red-orange linen that I thought would be perfect. Not to mention, it has sleeves, so it’s a perfect fall dress. Put that on with a pair of knee-high boots? Perfection!

The dress itself was easy enough to make, although it’s a cleverly-drafted pattern, so at certain points, it out-clevered me. And, I will also go to the Closet Core tutorial on how to set a collar because, well, that’s the one that makes sense to me. I also used black pre-made bias tape for the very curved hem, partially because I didn’t want to sew a curved hem, partially because I liked the contrast. After I took this picture, I sewed two button holes using black thread on each sleeve cuff (my first ones!), and finished the look with four black buttons.

I’m not sure how well the linen is going to hold up on the inside where everything connect/where there is the most amount of stress, but fingers-crossed, it will last at least a season? It’s also a *little* shorter than I would have liked, and if/when I make it again (which I probably will), I’ll lengthen the skirt just a few inches to make sure I can comfortably sit in it and not worry my undies are showing. Over-all, I’m really thrilled with how this turned out!

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