Pattern Review: Georgie Pinafore from Jennifer Lauren Handmade

TL; DR – How is it I can do hidden zippers so easily but continually mess up regular zippers? I didn’t think I’d like a pinafore but here we are, and I am getting more confident and can make adjustments without completely ruining the garment.

Full disclosure: I was gifted this pattern in order to test it. Now that it’s out, I can share my thoughts!

I wasn’t sure about a pinafore. I’m not big on layers, as they add volume. I guess I also just have flashbacks to being forced to wear a navy blue one as a kid for a school uniform. I HATED it. But, I said I would test the pattern, so test it I shall.

I had some striped denim curtains that I had bought at Goodwill that were perfect for this pattern. The directions were easy to follow, EXCEPT how to put in the zipper, but that is probably user error, and not anything to do with the actual directions. I have yet to do a good job putting in a normal zipper. Of course I struggle with the stuff that’s “easy.”

I also had some fit issues around the bust which, I figured out, is because my measurements had changed. But I managed to fix it by picking out the seam allowance and just making it smaller around the chest. Yes, I did a modification and it looks good.

Also, the pockets somehow aren’t lined up. They are every so slightly off in terms of their height. But the stripes line up, so…

Anyway, I really, really like it, it’s comfortable, and it wasn’t the easiest make, particularly the facing, but the directions were excellent and I think it looks great!

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