Pattern Review: Heart and Soul Dress from Ellie and Mac

TL; DR – Stretch velvet is pain to sew, why does my size keep changing?

This was my last make of 2022. And while that was six weeks ago, I’m back-dating this post so that history knows when I actually made this dress instead of when I finally got around to writing about it.

I wanted to wear something…more festive for NYE. My daughter picked out this stretch velvet that I had in my stash that I got from I don’t even remember, and I decided to make the new Heart and Soul Dress from Ellie and Mac. Now, you might have noticed something about me – I like a good wrap or twist detail in a dress (or garment, really, I have tie shirts and wrap pants, so…).

This pattern really got me excited (even though I have at least two other patterns with a similar detail because of course I do) because I always appreciate the tutorials that Ellie and Mac provides. And did I ever appreciate it, because I don’t think I would have gotten the twist detail right otherwise. It’s not hard, it’s just…seeing it done was way easier than trying to figure out directions and a 2D image. So, kudos, it was easy to put together because you made a great video.

The fabric was…so annoying. There are some small flaws that come from the fabric being slippy and stubborn. And I like the results well enough, but I guess I just don’t like how *I* look right now. This is probably why I haven’t sewn anything since I made this dress. Ok, one of the reasons (life has been hectic), but an important one.

I’ll probably make it again when I feel ready to make anything again.

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