Pattern Review: I AM IRMA from I Am Patterns

TL; DR – Sometimes you just have to consult with a different tutorial and a YouTube video to sew something.

I have long loved the I AM PATTERNS look. It’s French, after all. But they are not particularly size-inclusive (also a very French thing). I AM IRMA has SO much ease that I could make it work, and I did so using this FANTASTIC Liberty Tawny Lawn print. You can’t tell in the picture, but it is longer in the back than it is in the front, which is a fantastic effect.

I messed up the bishop sleeves, so I just rolled them which is what I prefer anyway. I used snaps instead of buttons because…reasons, I guess. Now, the instructions and illustrations that came with the pattern may have been fine for you, but I did not get them at all, and was like, I know where I have sewn a yoke and a collar before! So I used the Kalle shirtdress tutorial for the collar, and tried to for the yoke but…

Y’all. I finally understand why I never really understood the burrito method and constantly was doing it wrong. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE RIGHT SIDE AND WRONG SIDE OF THE FABRIC THEY ARE USING IN THIS TUTORIAL. Like, I can’t tell what goes where and how. And I was using fabric previously that was the same on both sides so ultimately, it didn’t matter (or at least I didn’t notice how this might fuck up ones ability to do this properly). But since I was this time, OH MAN, I FINALLY GET WHY I WAS NOT GETTING IT.

So I found a YouTube tutorial that used fabric whose right sides and wrong sides were different AND I GOT IT RIGHT THE FIRST FUCKING TIME.

I also did a covered placket with was WAY easier than I thought it was going to be, so well-done pattern-drafters and instruction writers!

Anyway, my snap pliers only work some of the time, but that’s probably user error, and I didn’t want to sew button holes because I helped my daughter and her friends with their final history project which was to sew a Tudor-style dress as a museum piece (their choice) and I royally fucked up their button holes and am thus slightly traumatized and should probably end this sentence sooner rather than later.

There. This is garment 26 for this year. Last year I sewed 32. I’ve sewn 68 garments since I started all this about two years ago. I’m only 32 away from 100. I don’t know why that matters, or who really cares, but that’s the tally so far.

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