Pattern Review: Léonie Dress from Liam Patterns

TL; DR – I needed a lot of Dopamine Dressing, why can’t I remember that seam allowances matter, and finally learn TO REINFORCE THE NECKLINE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

I had long admired the fabric by Julia Allisson Cost, and I got a gift card to buy some for my birthday. I settled on the Protea pattern in a cotton. I wanted a big, bold dress to go with the big, bold pattern. I admired, as well, that a clothing company in New Zealand were releasing their clothing line as size-inclusive patterns, Liam Patterns. I loved the Léinie dress pattern, with the lovely waist detail.

(It has a tie that you can sew in the front or the back AND has a cinching piece that, again, can be sewn in the front or the back.)

I needed some serious Dopamine Dressing, or at least some Dopamine Sewing, since I won’t be able to wear this dress until the summer. The make was super-simple, except for user error, in which I didn’t pay attention to the seam allowances (not the same everywhere!) and not fucking reinforcing the neckline which I once again managed to stretch out.

But because I didn’t do the seam allowances properly, I was able to negate much of the damage from the stretched-out neckline.

But, LOOK AT THAT DRESS. I might just wear it around the house all winter.

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