Pattern Review: Mitchell Dress from Paddleboat Studios

TL; DR – Don’t fear the floral.

I wanted a pattern like the Keilo Dress and Jumpsuit, and I spotted the Mitchell Dress and Jumpsuit Pattern from Paddleboat Studios on someone on Instagram. It was exactly what I was looking for. Being in so many British sewing groups made me envious of all of the Liberty of London garments being sewn. I had been in love with Liberty of London florals since they did a collab with Target way back in the day. I have long (ahem) grown out of the dress I had bought, as well as my daughter having grown out of hers (this was ten or so years ago). I still have the two scarves I bought.

But, wow, Liberty of London fabrics are expensive. So I was thrilled to finally find a somewhat more affordable price on Ebay or Etsy, I can’t remember now. It’s a lot of floral, but as you can tell from my last coupe of makes, I am all about the floral prints right now.

The Review

The dress was as simple as the Keilo to make. Cut out pieces, sew them together, assemble with the seams, and you’re done. I got it done in two hours. The only hard part was making the ties; the first one, I accidentally pushed the metal guide all the way through and was left trying to unfurl the narrowest sock ever. But that was all on me.

This is going to be a pretty short review. I made the largest size, and it’s a bit tight on my chest, so not the most size-inclusive, but other than that, the directions were clear, the make was straightforward, and look at me, rocking the floral. The picture was taken by my daughter during our little weekend beach getaway to Assateague Island.

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