Pattern Review: Naya T-Shirt from Tammy Handmade

TL; DR – Stretch stitches are my nemesis, this pattern is great!

I’ve been neglectful at posting pattern review for patterns I’ve been tester for, so I’m clearing out the backlog. I tested the Naya t-shirt pattern from Tammy Handmade, a straightforward knit top pattern that was easy to make and looks amazing.

Except for the whole “my machine hates a stretch stitch.”

The machine ate the jersey. I put some paper between the fabric and the feed-dogs, and it ate the paper AND the jersey. It kept skipping stitches. It made the collar almost impossible to put on.

Now, I don’t know why I didn’t just do a basic zig-zag stitch (WHICH IS WHAT I USUALLY DO), but I guess this is my first tester pattern for a knit, and I wanted it to look more professional? Instead my machine ended up making this horrid clunking noise and lurching on every stitch.

(Turns out something had fallen out of place and I got it back in place so now everything is fine.)

But I will still only ever use a zig-zag with knit from now on.

Anyway, the pattern is great, I’m going to make all kinds of knit tops with this pattern, thanks for letting me test it! Also thanks to my daughter for taking this pic and capturing me with my eyes closed!

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