Pattern Review: Olivia Wrap Dress by Named Patterns

TL; DR – Hey, stay tape is a thing that is useful!

Vogue reissued the class DVF wrap dress pattern. I have made it before (under a different name), I loved it, but now…I’m outside of its size range. All over sewing social media was example after example of the dress and I was jealous.

I decided to finally try the Olivia wrap dress by Named Patterns. It is a super-simple pattern to sew, except for the fact that it’s made for knits and I struggle with knits. But I had a fine enough needle, and the knit was high enough quality that it worked pretty well. AND, I used stay tape for the hems and edges. Well, I really wish I had remembered that earlier because the hems are so much nicer!

The only issue is that it reverse strangles me; in other words, it pulls at the back of my neck, like my boobs are pulling the whole dress down and putting pressure on the back of my neck. I’m not sure what I need to do to fix it, but I do want to make it again!

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