Pattern Review: Peacock Wrap Dress from The Sewing Revival

TL; DR – Simple pattern, beautiful silhouette, will make again.

After the visual nightmare that was trying to make the wrap dress from Takuto and ultimately giving up, I was on the prowl for a wrap dress that had the bodice and skirt attached. I also have wanted a summery yellow dress because it’s EVERYWHERE. Sweet little yellow and blue flowers, and the Peacock Wrap Dress from The Sewing Revival was a match made in heaven.

I had already made a pair of pants (one of the only two I’ve made) from The Sewing Revival, so I was eager to try this one. It did not disappoint. IT EVEN HAS POCKETS. I was able to make the dress in a couple of hours, and I absolutely LOVE IT.

The pattern also comes with instructions on how to extend the sleeve or lengthen the dress, and I am definitely making one with the other half of the Marimekko king-size duvet cover as well as one from some wax print I’ve had for a while.

Also, I moved the mirror and changed the fluorescent lights to LEDs in the basement/sewing space, and WOW, what a difference it makes in those mirror selfies! I almost want to re-take all of my garment photos lol.

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