Pattern Review: Pleats and Thank You Jumpsuit by Forest & Thread

TL; DR – BEHOLD! I don’t know what it is about my and jumpsuits with interesting shoulders, but here we go, I love it.

I’ve done testing for Forest & Thread before and I love their patterns, so when I had the chance to test the new Pleats and Thank You jumpsuit?


The pleats in the name of the pattern are in the shoulder, and it has shoulder pads with these wide legs. I love how it’s just all one piece but also hate it because OMG trying to sew the shoulders when you have MILES of fabric all over the place…

The directions are super-clear, the fit in comfortable but looks really sharp because of the details. I’m definitely making this one again. This fabric is from my trip to Montreal and it’s a stretch woven. Typically it would be a straight woven, but it was too perfect for this pattern.

The pattern gives directions for an actual belt, but I don’t like buckles on my waist so I just kept it as a tie-waist.

I made it in an afternoon, took up ALL of my cutting table, and I have ZERO REGRETS.

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