Pattern Review: V1524

TL; DR – I will never, ever sew a knit-and-woven combo again if it can be helped.

The daughter wanted a jumpsuit for Homecoming. I am so grateful for The Fold Line FB group who helped me find the right pattern, V1524 (which I managed to get on sale!), and helping me figure out how to sew the freaking bodice.

The thing is self-lined, which included sewing the inner and outer layers and then trying to figure out how to turn it right-side out. And I used a thin and then slightly thicker knit and I had to get out a denim needle to sew it all together at the thickest parts.

We did a lot of tailoring (long legs and short torso), decided to forgo the turtle-neck, I skipped the back pockets because I was running out of time, and she chose the silver elastic in the back instead of a latch. Also, unstitching black is a pain in the eyes, and I might be blind now.

But look at how happy she is. Totally worth it.

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