Pattern Review: Wave Top from TAUKO Magazine

TL; DR – I love a simple top with an interesting detail.

I once again participated in TAUKO magazine’s make and share, this time for issue 10. I chose the Wave top, a decision I do not regret.

It’s just three pieces, with an interesting deep should pleat detail on both the front and back. For my size, your fabric HAS to be 60″ wide for the back pieces to fit, but I did a little creative cutting for one the one that uses leftover fabric from my BIG MOOD jumpsuit. The second one is made from what is probably polyester (I didn’t do a burn test) fabric from our local buy-nothing group that is embroidered with these lovely large flowers.

I wrote on Instagram that this pattern really allows for a print to shine, but the pleating detail in the shoulders would really give a solid color some interest and even drama.

(A side note, I think I’ve folded the pleats to the wrong side on both of them? I still like it, though!)

Also, Tauko has created a digital subscription, which I am very excited about. I have a number of the first issues of the magazine, but when it came time to actually sew one of the patterns, I realized that I had to trace the pattern from a giant pattern sheet with not only sizes overlapping, BUT OTHER PATTERNS. I tried, I really did, but I got a head ache, started to cry, and gave up.

Now, I can just print them, which suits me fine!

(Also, perfectly willing to do an exchange – if you love tracing, but hate putting patterns together from print-at-home, I will assemble your print-at-home patterns if you trace mine for me!)

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