Pattern Review: Zadie Jumpsuit from Paper Theory

TL; DR – Different doesn’t always mean hard, I love this pattern so much.

I’m not, as my husband says, a jumpsuit person, despite my efforts to the contrary. I asked in one of sewing FB groups what jumpsuit pattern they would recommend for this relatively short, busty, short torso, thick-waisted sewist. They all came back with the Zadie Jumpsuit patter from Paper Theory. I even found a nice sew-a-long video from the same person who did the Elodie one, so I knew it would be good (NO TALKING ONLY SEWING).

The directions were fantastic. The only small difficulty I had was how to sew the pants together, as it was a way I hadn’t done (sew the legs independently and then stuff one leg in the other and sew at the crotch – it makes sense once you do it), but once I wrapped my head around it, it was simple. I made it out of a linen-like material in my favorite color (seriously, half my closet is in this color, and the other jumpsuit I made, too), and it is so, so comfortable and flattering.

I learned how to make edge pockets, and a cover finishing, which was a pain at times, but only because it required me to be slow and careful, which…Yeah, that doesn’t happen much. It required that I make bias tape, so I could also just do a straightforward bias hem finish, rather than the cover. I also didn’t manage to line up the pleats, despite my best efforts, but thankfully the ties hide that flaw. Still something for me to work on.

I now want to go out and buy all the linen I can get my hands on and make this in every single color. I could even see it looking cute as a jumper. Also could make a really lovely formal version with a fancier fabric.

And of course the first time I wore it, I got a stain on it but thankfully it came out. Still want to make more of them.

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