Pattern Review: Zero Waste Bog Coat by The Sew Sew

TL; DR – So much quilt guts, but super-simple pattern, why didn’t I do this one earlier?

I was supposed to be a pattern tester for the ZW Bog Coat by The Sew Sew, but my life got chaotic, and I just couldn’t. And then I got intimidated by the fact that there isn’t a pattern to print but instead I have to make measurements? And draw straight lines? Myself?

Look, this is the primary reason I have avoided making a lot of zero waste sewing patterns – I do not trust myself to do a good job of marking up my fabric myself.

Anyway, I found this Marimekko reversible throw on super-duper discount online and it was the perfect size for the coat. So I spent the $20 and waited and waited and waited. Finally, I mustered up the courage to make the coat.

I managed to make the measurements, following the helpful template provided. It was a bit of a pain because it WAS so thick, which is why I had to use quilting bias tape for the thickest of the seams. Also, I am still picking quilt guts from everywhere in my basement, but that wasn’t that big a deal, just annoying.

I made the tie from the little bit of leftover I had to trim, and I also tore the guts out (I didn’t need a quilted tie). I’m still figuring out the pocket situation (none of my scraps are really big enough to make it worth it. I might try to figure out how to add reversible bag pockets on either side (although there is no side seam, so I guess I would have to use more bias tape, which is fine).

Anyway, I am super-happy with this coat. 100% will make again.

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