Pattern Review: Belgravia from Liesl + Co

TL; DR – WHY NO STRETCH STITCH EVER WORK, having a cutting table is still awesome, and you can always do tiled patterns better. Look, I have an aesthetic. One of them is that I love a tie-waist. After the debacle of the Willa dress (which was all on me and not noting that there…

Free Pattern Review: Whimsical Bow Dress from Fabrics Store

TL; DR – The tools you use matter, and I still can’t quite properly pair a pattern with the correct fabric. It was time. I had done a number of complicated and complex sewing techniques, and now I was ready: I was going to sew something with a zipper, and a hidden one at that….

#BHMPatternDesigners Pattern Review: Anna from Style Sew Me

TL; DR – Support Black pattern designers, this pattern is awesome, but neck and collar facings still SUCK. I’ve leaned in heavily to this whole sewing thing. I’ve started listening to the podcast Stitch, Please and it has been a delight. I’ve bough pattern weights from Thanks! I Made Them! which are gorgeous and amazing….

Pattern Review: Willa by Fibre Mood

TL; DR – READ THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS, seam allowances matter, fabric choice matters, and sometimes you can mark everything and it still ends up weird. Readers, I’ll fully admit, I got cocky with this one. I love love loved the wrap look of the Willa Dress from Fibre Mood. I didn’t read the instructions carefully…