Free Pattern Review: Wrap Top from In The Folds/Peppermint Magazine for #sewfrugal22

TL; DR: I can hack patterns now, wrap tops are fun, just like wrap jumpsuits and wrap dresses. I have an aesthetic lol.

I found a gorgeous black linen on super-sale online. I thought, ZADIE JUMPSUIT! and ordered the appropriate amount. And then they only sent me one stinking yard (don’t worry – they only charged me for the one). But I had this lovely fabric that I had no idea what to do with.

The challenge with being plus-sized is that while there are many 1-yard patterns, but only if you make it in “straight” sizes. And while with knit scraps I can make my own undies, there isn’t much I can do with only one yard of woven fabric.

Enter the #sewfrugal22 challenge. I’ve wanted to make the Wrap Top from In The Folds through Peppermint Magazine (whose offices have just been flooded and completely destroyed, give’em a hand) for a while because WRAP ALL THE THINGS. I still had some leftover white linen, too, so decided to try my hand at hacking a pattern and making this one color-blocked.

I had meant to alternate the colors on the back as well, but I wasn’t paying close enough attention, so it’s a left-right color-block only. Which is fine. Other than that, this was a straight-forward sew with clear directions. It was easy to color-block, and I could have gone even further, but I needed a simple, straightforward sewing project for my mental health.

You could also play with the sleeve length and style, the length of the ties, length of the bodice, etc. It’s an excellent base pattern that lends itself to being hacked in lots of ways.

I really like the results. It’s so soft and light and comfortable. Look at it with these jeans! It’ll go with everything!

I think I’ll definitely make it again and maybe get even more creative with the color-blocking.

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  1. Julis says:

    I just made this top, but I am considering making another one later on. How would you recommend making the bodice longer? I really don’t want to make the wrap ties any broader, and if I just follow the arrows suggesting the line of elongating the top, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Thanks in advance:)

    1. readywriting says:

      Yeah, that’s a tricky one because the ties are built-in to the bodice. What I would do round-out from the bottom of the ties, if that makes sense, to keep them the same width, but just make the bodice longer. Cross the pattern pieces over to see where you should start from. Good luck! This is where old sheets come in really handy for testing out the pattern hack!

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