Pattern Review: Box Pleat Dress by The Assembly Line

TL; DR – I’m still trying to figure out if oversized is my style. BUT, pattern is super-straightforward.

Oh, The Assembly Line, how I love your patterns. Simple, but always with one feature that makes it unique and interesting. I decided to make a Box-Pleat Dress out of this stretch woven fabric I got when I visited Montreal last summer. And…It’s fine?

Look, it’s meant to be oversized. And I’m not sure if making a smaller size would have worked given the proportions and other measurements. And maybe it’s because it’s not a summer dress, and I’m all-in on summer dresses right now given that we’re in the middle of a heat dome (it’s awful).

The pattern itself is super-simple, with excellent directions. The pleat in the back really is a great feature. So, once the temperature starts to drop (in like, October) I’m sure I will come back and really appreciate this dress.

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