Pattern Review: Easy-As-Tie Dress from Sew News

TL; DR – I am a massive sucker for Instagram social sewing challenges, easy patterns are fun.

I get sewing challenges almost weekly from The Foldline blog. And I want to do. Every. Single. One. So I did this dress on impulse for #sewtogetherforsummer, where I had to make a summer dress, which means, basically, no sleeves. I didn’t have anything planned, but I did have two yards of that black and white stretch cotton print, and hey, the Easy-as-Tie dress pattern from Sew News counted as a summer dress AND only needed two yards of stretch!

(Note, I downloaded this pattern for free, but it’s not free anymore? I’m too lazy to try and find where I downloaded it from right now. Maybe I’ll update this post later with the link which is probably shady. But it’s a cheap pattern, even if it isn’t free anymore.)

The directions were dead-simple, the pattern was well-drafted, the sizes were spot-on. The only thing I would say it that it’s a little weird around my chest, but I just need to find the right bra and the right tie-length. But there isn’t a bust dart or anything, so it’s not surprising. It’s not so bad as to get me to never wear the dress again, and it’s super-comfortable, as the fabric is super-soft.

And hey, maybe I’ll win something!

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