Pattern Review: Sirocco Jumpsuit from Deer and Doe Patterns

TL; DR Pattern matching is ROUGH, knit jumpsuits are secret pajamas, I love it when a pattern company works to be more size-inclusive.

When I first started sewing and was looking for much-loved patterns, I found the Sirocco jumpsuit pattern from Deer and Doe. At the time, the pattern didn’t *quite* make it’s way to fitting my measurements. I was disappointed, but then THRILLED when they announced they were expanding the size range for the jumpsuit (and their free Plantain t-shirt).

I bought the pattern immediately when it was released and lost my sew-jo a little bit. I loved the idea of a stripped jumpsuit, but the trick with this particular pattern is to make sure that the fabric has enough stretch, aka A LOT, or else it ain’t getting on and off. Thankfully, one of the stripped fabrics in my stash had more than enough stretch.

The problem with stripes, as you can see, is pattern matching. Now, I have THREE pieces to match at that waist band, with pockets and pleats and a wrap-style. I *almost* got it, which I think is worse than missing it completely (the back in no way shape or form matches anywhere, and I think it looks better than the front). If I were to make it again in a stripped pattern, I’d use a solid color for the facing and the waist band.

Live and learn. I think they still look great and they are comfy AF.

The directions were dead-simple to follow, and any mistake was due to user error (like when I attached the front bodice to the back of the pants, and then proceeded to put the back together backwards). I graded out the waste and then back in for the hips, which was a simple enough procedure. I actually cut this fabric weeks ago, and finally got around to sewing it.

Which is was a strange experience. I usually cut and then sew and then GET IT DONE in pretty rapid succession, but this project…it didn’t drag, there just wasn’t an urgency like I have had in the past to GET IT DONE. I mostly finished the garment, but had to set the sleeves and hem it and…I chose to sit outside and read instead as it was lovely day (as opposed to the shitty cold days we’ve been having).

I love the final result, and I think I’m going to make one in stretch velvet for next year’s holidays. But for now, I’m looking forward to spring and summer sewing projects. I’ve basically ditched all of my now-former planned projects and are starting from scratch. I know I have at least one Kalle, one Kielo, one Zadie, and then some new ones thrown in there for good measure.

Stay tuned!

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