Pattern Review: Pukeko Pants by The Sewing Revial

TL; DR – Not enough fabric to make a full toile or muslin? Just make the waistband.

Pants terrified me. I hate buying pants, and I’m not such a big fan of wearing them, either, hence the dresses. I heard good things about the Pukeko Pants by The Sewing Revival. Behold the wide waist band! Tight, but not too tight! Size inclusive enough!

I had to learn New Zealand sizing, which…

I was debating between a L and an XL. I didn’t have enough stretch fabric to make myself a “test” pair of pants. But, I figured making just the waistband would be enough. I figured I’d start with the XL, and then if it was too big, I would cut it down, and then cut the rest of the pattern to whichever size fits best.

XL it was.

It was the easiest sew I had done yet. The markings on the pattern were clear as day, and the written instructions were crystal clear. I love the fit. I love the stripes. I now have a knit pant pattern that I can rely on. The fabric itself doesn’t hold it’s shape so they get really stretch out, which might mean I could have gotten away with a large, but again, it depends on the fabric, plus, as soon as I wash and dry them, the bounce back. Literally nothing else to say, in terms of misadventures. I made a pair of pants. They look good.


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