BEHOLD! The Sewing Room

It’s been a while. As I wrote in the last post (THREE MONTHS AGO), we moved over the summer, and I was supposed to get my own sewing room/office in the basement. On the day we closed, this is what greeted us when we went to check out the basement, MY BASEMENT, during the final walk-through:

So, instead of getting to set up my sewing space and office immediately, we had to wait to get the basement torn up, dried out, and then renovated again. And because we decided to pay extra for tile instead of laminate, it took that much longer to get the basement back to a state where I could finally settle in.

To say that I was disappointed and frustrated and despairing would be an understatement. I was over EVERYTHING at this point. I hated the move, I hated the new place, I hated EVERYTHING.

But this week, it’s FINALLY done.

Ok, at the end of the day, it was worth it. Look at this space! I knew I was going to love that pegboard wall, and I wasn’t wrong. The water messed up the overhead light, so I have to get lamps, but it’s probably better anyway, because it’s more targeted and adjustable (and not florescent).

All of the furniture is from Ikea. The sewing table is still the one from the old place, an Ivar, while the cutting table is a Norden. The shelves are one of the 28 Kallax shelves that are all over our house now, all assembled by yours truly.

I’ve cut and sewn two patterns, as well as tape and cut another pattern, in this space. IT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN DOING IT ON THE FLOOR. I’ll follow up with posts on the shirts I sewed, but for now, every aspect of sewing now is so much better, especially now that I have enough light. I can see everything, everything is (relatively) organized, and…my back doesn’t hurt and my knees don’t hurt and using the rotary cutter actually makes sense now and…

The rest of the room (which is HUGE, by the way), is my daughter’s craft space (using the desk that my grandfather restored for me when I was 8 or 9 years old), my office space, and (tucked away) the laundry room that is also now an organizational delight!

It is such a relieve to be done and finally entirely unpacked and settled, even if it took longer than we hoped it would.

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