Kalle Shirtdress, Take 3

TL; DR – I did this in one afternoon!

I love the Kalle shirtdress pattern. And I love making dresses out of Marimekko shower curtains and sheets. I got this new shower curtain on clearance for Black Friday sales, but was wondering what I could do with the GIANT CIRCLES.

I hadn’t made a Kalle shirtdress with the full button-up front yet, but this would work perfectly for this pattern and fabric size/shape, given I couldn’t do two over the fold, but I could do one on the fold and one on the other edge. I also decided to do a contracting fabric for the collar and other trims because of the limitations of the fabric, but also because I thought it would look cool.

While I had to sew more buttons, it was certainly easier than sewing a placket. That collar however I thought would be the death of me. The fabric I used is a bit thicker than the shower curtain fabric, plus interfacing, well, ARGH. The exposed bias-tape finishing at the hem was a total accident, and once I had sewn the bias tape on the wrong site, I REALLY didn’t want to have to unpick it all and start again.

But it got done.

When I took these pictures I hadn’t yet done the buttons, but I wanted to get a picture of the front and the back (which I struggle to do when I’m wearing the piece).

It looks so cool, doesn’t it?

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