TL; DR – Issue 123 of Simply Sewing features a piece by yours truly about neurodivergent sewists!

There’s nothing like when someone slides into your DMs to offer you an opportunity to write about things are very interested in a passionate about, in this case, sewing and being neurodivergent! It took a bit more than a year, but finally, I interviewed a number of neurodivergent sewists (some of whom are my friends, some of whom graciously volunteered and trusted me with their stories.

Anyway, I am really, really, really proud of the piece, and the fact that they chose a picture of me in Italy as the “cover” for the piece, which forced me to really be ok with how my body looks right now.

I can access Simply Sewing on my Libby app through my local library, but I will definitely be stopping by Joann’s to pick up a physical copy!

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