Zadie Jumpsuit, Take 5

TL; DR – If I slow down just a little and take my time, I can get this pattern cut and sewn in an afternoon.

I have had this fabric for ages; I don’t even remember where I got it. And, I’ve been wanting to do a Zadie jumpsuit with a print for a while. An impending trip to Montreal, where it is ever so slightly cooler than in Northern Virginia, inspired me to take the plunge and make this pattern/fabric combo.


The last time I made a Zadie, I sewed and serged the wrong pant legs together, so what should have taken an afternoon took an entire weekend, with hours spend picking apart seems. This time, well, I took my time and lo and behold, it was done in an afternoon.

This is another fantastic transitional piece from summer to fall (and then from winter to spring). I packed four jumpsuits for this trip. I have to try to remember to make other things from time to time lol.

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